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About Our Gold Service

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If you're an archery Internet or Brick & Motor retail shop owner, sportsman, club owner, instructor or trainer, and purchase archery equipment on a regular basis, then you may be interested in our Gold Service, which has been featured on many prominent archery sites & radio shows across the U.S. & abroad.

Our Gold Services cater to those who are only looking to purchase the finest name brand archery accessories & equipment for the absolute lowest price direct from a factory sales representative in their home country or overseas.

This is a one-of-a-kind service that connects archery equipment buyers with factory sales representatives for stock liquidation.

Through the use of our exclusive agreements, you don't need any special purchasing license or certificate, and there's not even a minimum purchase order amount. 

After Gold Member Sign-up is complete, we place you on an International Industry Buyer List that was established over 20 years ago, and is generally unknown to most archery retailers, consultans, & hobbyists do not know about this.

After we know which name brands & products you'll be looking for, we'll then notify the sponsors (the factories themselves) of the International Industry Buyer List which we have authorized access to, and they will notify you of excess products they must liquidate.

Product lines change every 3 months in the Archery Industry to make improvements to better grips & quality of material used.  Thousands of boxes are stored at the facilities that must be liquidated in countries throughout Asia.

As a Gold Member, you will be on the LIQUIDATION LIST, where you will ALWAYS be given first opportunity to purchase the surplus goods AT MANUFACTURERS COST, before they are sent to LIQUIDATION CENTERS in the region.  This is where you can pick $300-$500 crossbows for 10% ($30-50) of the value or manufacturers cost.

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Stop Overpaying For Your Archery Equipment & Accessories!  Buy At True Manufacturers Cost Overseas & Save Up To 85% Off Of Market Price.


Purchase your favorite name brand Archery accessories & equipment at rock bottom prices direct from the factory overseas.

A wholesale guidebook used by over over 500,000 pro shops worldwide. A must-have for retail shops, instructors & Archery enthusiasts.

Great For Retail Store Owners, Clubs, Instructors & Sports Enthusiasts

Whether you are a recreational or professional archer, an instructor, shop or a business looking to purchase Archery accessories & equipment, our featured eBook will provide you with all of the Domestic & International Contacts you'll need to purchase directly from private liquidators, distributors, wholesalers & even from the factory where the products are made by placing orders DIRECT through the in-house sales offices in countries located throughout the globe, without any minimum purchase amounts or eligibility requirements.

There are hundreds of online Archery accessory web sites, thousands of pro shops & so-called "low priced" wholesale vendors you can go to, to purchase Archery equipment, however, wouldn't it be nice to contact the actual wholesale sources the retailers use to purchase their inventory to sell to you & completely eliminate the middleman.

Instead of paying top dollar for archery accessories, purchase direct from the factory overseas and save.  Here are just a few of the name brand Archery product manufacturers you can purchase goods from up to 85% off retail value by placing orders direct with the sales office in the factories overseas:

Archery Equipment Manufacturers & Wholesale Sources

Around The World


Regardless of which country you're from, what language you speak or the quantity of archery supplies you're looking to purchase, our Archery Wholesale Sources - eBook will provide you with all of the resources, tools, contacts & information you'll need to buy name brand accessories up to 85% off market price by placing orders direct from the factory overseas, where the products are manufactured.

By placing orders for your Archery accessories & equipment directly through the in-house sales offices at the manufacturing facilities overseas (Asia, Africa & South America) or bulk liquidator, you'll buy at cost, and better yet, save on shipping, handling & you'll completely eliminate the middle-man.  The most successful Archery Equipment retailers never place their orders through wholesale industry sources, or the so-called local/regional "best priced vendor". 

In addition, consumers & archery enthusiasts can take advantage of the SPECIALLY PRICED offers at the manufacturing facilities.  If you would just ask yourself this question:  How much does it actually cost to manufacture the product?  The answer is less than 7% of what the pro shops sell their merchandise for according to industry statistics.

For example, by contacting the manufacturer overseas using our backdoor wholesaler contacts, you'll soon learn that a top, brand name Crossbow cost only about $25 to manufacture and can be purchased at that price if you know who to speak to at the facility.  So, you have to wonder why pro shops & retailers are selling their bows for $300 + each.

Someone is making a serious profit, and we're here to reveal the secrets of the business & provide the resources necessary for any consumer or business to buy their favorite archery accessories & equipment at TRUE rock bottom prices buy purchasing through wholesale sources & in-house sales office overseas.

Below, you will find a complete list of countries where you can purchase name brand Archery accessories & equipment direct from the factory using the list of in-house manufacturer's sales office contacts & liquidators included in our eBook:


No Minimum Order Amounts - No Membership Fees - No Special Qualifications - Order From Any Country



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