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If you're an archery Internet or Brick & Motor retail shop owner, sportsman, club owner, instructor or trainer, and purchase archery equipment on a regular basis, then you may be interested in our Gold Service, which has been featured on many prominent archery sites & radio shows across the U.S. & abroad.

Our Gold Services cater to those who are only looking to purchase the finest name brand archery accessories & equipment for the absolute lowest price direct from a factory sales representative in their home country or overseas.

This is a one-of-a-kind service that connects archery equipment buyers with factory sales representatives for stock liquidation.

Through the use of our exclusive agreements, you don't need any special purchasing license or certificate, and there's not even a minimum purchase order amount. 

After Gold Member Sign-up is complete, we place you on an International Industry Buyer List that was established over 20 years ago, and is generally unknown to most archery retailers, consultants, & hobbyists do not know about this.

After we know which name brands & products you'll be looking for, we'll then notify the sponsors (the factories themselves) of the International Industry Buyer List which we have authorized access to, and they will notify you of excess products they must liquidate.

Product lines change every 3 months in the Archery Industry to make improvements to better grips & quality of material used.  Thousands of boxes are stored at the facilities that must be liquidated in countries throughout Asia.

As a Gold Member, you will be on the LIQUIDATION LIST, where you will ALWAYS be given first opportunity to purchase the surplus goods AT MANUFACTURERS COST, before they are sent to LIQUIDATION CENTERS in the region.  This is where you can pick $300-$500 crossbows for 10% ($30-50) of the value or manufacturers cost.

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The Hard Reality Of The Archery Industry

Businesses & Consumers who purchase Archery gear & equipment either on a regular basis or on occasion, regardless of quantity, should be properly informed about market prices before any decisions are made.  Unfortunately, most people are nearly always convinced that they're not going to find a better price for that high quality crossbow or that unbelievable scope or arrowhead.  The reality is, if they were to just place a phone call to a sales representative overseas, they could save up to 85% on their purchase.

Believe it or not, manufacturing plants in foreign countries ALLOW individuals and businesses to enter their facilities, go to the production area, and load up a box of product literally for the same price the manufacturer pays to make it.  This goes for ALL NAME BRANDS. You might ask yourself: How can this be? 

Well, first of all there are no set shipping & handling fees when purchasing direct.  Often, you'll find Archery industry wholesalers raise the shipping and handling fees to increase their bottom-line revenues, which is good for them but not you.

Secondly, the product is manufactured on site, and no import/export or government taxes are imposed.  Of course, most Archery retailers & instructors can't afford to be flying to countries over in Asia, Africa, South America & Europe every time they want to buy name brand Archery gear.

And thirdly, new versions of products are constantly coming out every 3-6 months due to industry-wide demands, and as a result, product that was manufactured months prior become obsolete, and eventually scheduled for mass-recycling or a "giveaway-at-cost" otherwise know as "SURPLUS LIQUIDATION" to those who contact the proper sales channel.  This is what our ebook does!  It provides you with the backdoor contacts you need to place orders direct through the "in-house" sales offices at the manufacturing facilities in foreign countries.

We compiled an extensive list of Names, Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers, Web Sites and Email Addresses that you can use to contact the in-house sales offices and International liquidators directly to TRULY purchase name brand products at cost.

On average, consumers and businesses who place orders online or through their dirt cheap vendors believe they are paying the lowest possible price for their supplies.  Traditionally speaking, yes, placing orders with nationwide industry wholesale sources works well, but the vendor still makes an enormous profit.  The keyword is "PROFIT"

The information age has arrived and we're taking advantage of it.  Why let them profit at all from your hard-earned money.  Those wholesale industry vendors are acquiring their product through the same contacts overseas that we sought out and discovered on our own. We have confirmed this through anonymous survey data.

Our goal now is to expose these tight-lipped industry secrets to all Archery businesses and consumers in the form of our "Archery Wholesale Sources" - eBook.

Buying Direct - Vs. - Paying Retail Price


The benefits of purchasing Archery gear & equipment direct from the factory overseas is obvious to those who are in the retail industry.  Buy buying direct from the factory, you completely eliminate the middleman and the profits the vendor would have gained from your order are never realized.  An average consumer or business inventory purchase order through a local/regional wholesale vendor typically yields an average of 40-60% PROFIT of the total dollar amount of your order.  That's right 40-60% on average.

That means a $300 CROSSBOW that they would sell to you at their so-called "rock bottom wholesale price" only costs the wholesaler anywhere from $30-60.  Now, what if you were able to acquire your favorite name brand Archery products for the same PRICE VENDORS in your country or region purchase them for.

Our Archery Wholesale Sources ebook provides you, regardless of whether you are an independent consumer or business owner, with the International Backdoor wholesaler, liquidator, and in-house sales contacts needed to purchase name brand Archery accessories & equipment for nearly the same price the manufacturers pays to make it.

Our Archery Wholesale Sources eBook is the only type of resource featured of its kind on the Internet, and is truly a treasure trove of Archery gear resources & contacts that will enable you to purchase the Archery supplies you've been wanting to buy!!!

Warehouses & Manufacturing Plants

Below, you will find a photo of an actual name brand Archery equipment "authorized OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer" manufacturing plant & warehouse one our staff members visited in Asia.  By contacting the sales offices in the factories & and in-house liquidators, you can purchase your favorite name brand Archery supplies & equipment directly from the TRUE source overseas.

Nearly 90% of all Archery gear & equipment are manufactured overseas, mostly in Asia by OEM's.  Just take a quick look at your grips or carrying bag and you can see.  There are literally thousands of super warehouse surplus buildings located throughout the world, and we have compiled contact information to over 80% of them.

International manufacturers are limited to how much they can export in certain countries, so product surplus builds up and eventually end up being non-saleable due to market industry demands & trends.

Every month, manufacturers retool their machines, and realize it is in their best interest to produce more product then they have orders for because, eventually, they will have requests for the merchandise from foreign sources, even if they become non-marketable.

The great thing is, any one, regardless if they are a consumer or business are entitled to purchase direct from the factory AT MANUFACTURERS COST!  That's right.  There's no distributorship, membership or penalty fees, not even a quantity limit.  All you have to do is pay for the shipping, and that's it!

Contents of Archery Wholesale Sources - eBook

Below, you will find the following areas of interest covered in our eBook:

Archery Wholesale Sources - An extensive listing of over 8,000 international Archery industry wholesale sources categorized by name brand.  Each listing includes Names of businesses and individuals, Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers, along with Web Sites & Email Addresses which can be used to order product through the manufacturer's exclusive in-house sales offices and liquidators at COST.  No more middlemen jacking up the prices!!!
Translation Tools - Within our eBook, you will find a set of FREE on and offline translation tools that will assist you in communicating with sales representatives overseas, just in case they don't speak your language.  Although, language is usually never a problem since the manufacturing plants employ a staff of multi-lingual sales officers for International customer purchases.
Archery Diving Techniques, Tips and Terminology - You will also find a comprehensive section on general Archery diving techniques, and the terminology that experienced Archery r's use.

Additional Subject Areas Covered:  

Archery Enthusiasts Section - Within this section, you will find information on how to join Archery clubs & associations around the world, and links & contact information you can use to participate in contests/tournaments where you can win money.  You'll also find the largest compilation of Archery training camps & programs around the world, uniquely indexed by size, location & amenities. In addition, you'll be to able subscribe to Archery magazines, web sites & various publications for FREE and/or at a deep discounted price as a result of our exclusive affiliate contracts we have set up.
Archery Industry Employment Opportunities - Hundreds of web sites & Archery industry employment agencies you can contact to find out about available Archery employment opportunities across North America & around the world.

No Minimum Order Amounts - No Membership Fees - No Special Qualifications - Order From Any Country




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